There are many reasons that people decide to move to Melbourne, Australia. Known as the cultural capital of Australia, the city is divided into four main regions based on their location. Within those regions, there are many suburbs that have been attracting people to the area.

The sea surrounding Australia is one of the benefits of moving to Melbourne. The majority of people who live in Australia live within a few kilometers of the shoreline. It seems that most people prefer to own some waterfront property.

An advantage of living in Melbourne is their transport infrastructure. Even those living in the suburbs are guaranteed of finding a way to get around. Transportation is available through Melbourne’s subways, trains, buses and taxis.

Melbourne is a busy city, offering you an endless supply of things to do. There is something for everyone – from beautifully landscaped golf courses to sunny beaches where families can enjoy water sports. The streets of this exciting city are lined with restaurants, theaters and shopping centers.

Many who visit Melbourne are fascinated by the art that is exhibited throughout the city. The art is able to be seen from the architecture and landscaping displayed throughout the city. One can enjoy an afternoon of shopping while walking along the beautiful boulevards of the city.

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Melbourne has something for everyone! One will find many museums for educational and enjoyable tours. The Luna Park in Melbourne is very popular with families, as it offers many rides and attractions that appeal to everyone. Art galleries and theaters are available along with shopping malls and specialized boutiques.

People of all cultures and social statuses are welcome in Melbourne. It has been said that Melbourne is a secular city, perfect for singles, hipsters and students. On the other hand, those with families and professional lifestyles find the area to be complementary to their lives as well. Newcomers find the city to be acceptable to people of all ages and lifestyles.

Melbourne’s suburbs have gained popularity in recent years, making it a hotspot for newcomers to the area. The northern suburbs are considered trend-setting communities due to the many amenities that are offered there. The amenities could include gyms, museums, restaurants, boutiques and other convenient places.

Melbourne’s top boutique community is the quaint suburb of Elmswood. The suburb is situated near Haileybury College and an upper-class housing development that is situated in Keysborough. The houses and lots in the area are beautifully landscaped plots that are included with premium buying packages.

Due to its popularity, conveniences and beauty, Mandalay at Beveridge is quickly growing. This 2000 lot community is small enough to give relief to those seeking refuge from the rush of the inner city. This beautiful community offers spacious homes and large lots for prospective homebuyers.

Warralily is a beautiful seaside community only 45 minutes from Melbourne. People who live in this small community are able to enjoy all water sports, particularly with Torquay Beach only about 10 minutes away. Convenient places such as schools and doctors are located throughout this community, making it very nice for families.

People buy house and land packages in Melbourne for many reasons. For those looking for the perfect place to live, it seems that the area is exactly what many people are searching for. Incentives and discounts are available for new home buyers and a large variety of places to choose from. New opportunities and developments seems to be popping up every day, making it a perfect time to move to Melbourne!

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