There are many different ways in which you can make your home remodeling earth friendly. Environmentally friendly materials have proven to be cost effective in the home and homeowners should be aware of this fact, and not consider this as a temporary fad. Start planning any new home improvement by thinking about eco-friendly methods. Using non-toxic and energy efficient materials can decrease your carbon footprint to some extent and every contribution for saving the planet counts, however small.

You can help in saving energy and the earth’s resources by ensuring that your home is energy efficient, and by using non-polluting or toxic products that help in creating a sustainable environment for future generations. Environmentally friendly home renovations can add value, beautify your home, improve health, and save money. Do your research by asking retailers and contractors and find green products and solutions for home improvement that are geared to saving the environment.

There are many ways in which you can think green when remodeling your Lake Norman home.

Sealing against Drafts
Reduce your energy consumption by sealing against cold drafts during winter. For this you will need to locate the entry areas for drafts and then seal them with caulking and weather stripping materials. Add insulation to walls, ducts, attics, and other areas to keep the inside of your home warm and save energy consumption.

Use Eco-friendly Paint
When you paint any part of your home ensure that you don’t use paints that contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) which release harmful toxic gases that can spoil indoor air quality.

If your flooring needs to be redone, consider green flooring ideas such as bamboo, linoleum, colored or patterned concrete, cork, terrazzo made from recycled products, and tile among others. Ensure that there are no harmful chemicals, glues, or other toxic products used in the manufacturing process.

Deck Material
If you are building a deck as a relaxation space for your family, use composite decking which is a non-toxic and durable material and easy to maintain. This material will not crack or damage easily.

Kitchen Renovation
This high traffic area is prone to wear and tear so if you need to remodel ensure that earth friendly material is used. Use paper based countertops which are available in many colors and designs and is resistant to scratches and heat. Use smaller energy efficient appliances that reduce energy consumption, and install garden windows or skylights to bring in light.

Bathroom Remodeling
Make sure that no water is wasted by installing low flow showers, flushes, and faucets, and fixing any leaks. Leaks can waste gallons of water in a day so repair without delays. Bathroom tiles should be made from recycled materials.

Install garden windows and indulge in your gardening hobby if there is limited space. Grow vegetables, fruits and herbs in window gardens. If you have a garden you can use synthetic grass which is easy to maintain and recycled material for play surfaces. Use recycled tire mulch for trees and shrubs.

Energy Star
Use Energy Star rated construction materials which can help you save tax credits when you decide on any home renovation project. This rating is available on home appliances as well.

There is an endless list when it comes to greening your home environment and home improvements. Inside the home you can use recycled wood, repurpose old furniture for new uses, add carpeting that is made from natural or recycled materials and reduce energy consumption by using programmable thermostats. Make your home energy efficient by consulting well known contractors for advice about greening your home.

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